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covid protocols



Covid safety event protocols for the 2022 Southampton Race of Hope event have been created with an abundance of caution to ensure a responsible return to racing. Above all else, the safety of race participants and event crew is of utmost importance. As an organization who understands first hand how Covid has devastating impacts on brain health, the Race of Hope takes our responsibility to protect the event attendees and the local community seriously.

Existing industry best practices, CDC guidance, along with local and state restrictions, are being implemented to ensure all possible measures are in place to leave a health conscientious footprint. While we are incredibly grateful that you may be fully vaccinated, Proof of Vaccination cards will not be considered a substitute for compliance.

Race of Hope Covid Protocols may be revised in accordance with the fluid status of the pandemic and they are subject to change at our discretion, regardless of changes to local and state government guidance.


​All event attendees will be required to adhere to all Covid Safety Protocols. Our event crew will respectfully aid attendees with protocol reminders. Those who still refuse to follow directions will be asked to immediately leave the event and may be temporarily or permanently suspended from Race of Hope offerings.



Required Self Assessment Prior To Event Attendance

Prior to participation, all event crew and attendees must affirm their health and fitness for event attendance.

  • STAY HOME and switch to the 2021 Virtual Summer Race of Hope event if:

    • You are infected by COVID-19

    • Have been in contact with, someone experiencing any of the following COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days: cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell

  • Connect with our team ASAP and we'll gladly ship your race packet so you can participate virtually.

  • As it applies to your participation in the 2021 Southampton Race of Hope event, you agree to abide by the Center for Disease Control (CDC’s) recommendations for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and attest to having read the CDC’s guidance. You also agree to abide by any COVID-19 distancing and other COVID safety guidelines issued by New York State, the Village of Southampton, and/or by the Race of Hope team for your participation in this event and the protection of all attendees of this event. You agree to abide by all rules set forth by this event that may exceed current cautionary measures advised by the CDC, local, state, and federal government.


SAFE Environment

For All Participants And Event Crew In Attendance

All standard race procedures have been modified to keep everyone as safe as possible with all energy and excitement being focused on the joyous gift of being able to gather to race together with you again!


  • 500 Limited Event capacity:

    • 25 Event Crew

    • 475 Maximum Race Participants

  • Face Masks or Neck Gaiters required at all times

    • Nose AND mouth must be fully covered

    • Plastic shields alone are not adequate

    • 30 yds. after Starting Line optional "Mask Free" zones

    • Masks required at finish line crossing prior to water and medals

  • 6ft per person/household physical distancing at all times

  • Hand sanitizer abundantly available throughout event

  • Reduced touch-points

  • Sanitizing multi-touch surfaces throughout the event

  • Extra face masks provided

  • Additional portolets

  • Gloves worn by event crew when touching drinks, food, race packets, medals

  • Pre-packaged race packets with no size exchanges

  • Wave starts of 50 maximum distanced participants with report wave start times

  • Bottled water at water stops

  • Prepackaged post-race fuel (if provided)

  • Race results online only

  • Age Division awards eliminated

  • Awards Ceremony eliminated (subject to change)

  • Post-Race celebration eliminated (subject to change)

  • Exit event at finish line

  • Friends and family cheer squads should not attend to ensure capacity limits are not exceeded



Others May Be Turned Away

The event's attendance is restricted to 500 persons to ensure that crowd size can be effectively maintained and monitored.


  • 25 Event Crew

  • 475 Race Participants

  • Registration will close immediately once 475 spaces are sold out

  • Race Day registration will only be offered if and until the event is sold out

  • Friends and family cheer squads should not attend to ensure capacity limits are not exceeded


face coverings

Cloth Mouth AND Nose Coverings Are Required

Except where indicated on the race route, all Event Crew and attendees must wear cloth face masks or neck gaitors that fully cover BOTH the nose AND mouth, while in attendance at any Race of Hope events. Plastic face shields alone are not acceptable coverage.


  • Early packet pick up and race day packet pick up event

  • All race day event zones

  • Race route & event zone water and aid stations

  • Starting line corral until the optional "unmask zone" is reached (approx. 30 yds.)

  • Masks will be distributed prior to the finish line (approx. 30 yds.)

  • Immediately upon reaching the finish line mark face covering is required


packet pick up

Cloth Mouth AND Nose Coverings Are Required

All event crew and attendees must wear cloth face coverings fully covering both the nose AND mouth whether inside OR outdoors. Plastic face shields alone are not acceptable coverage.


  • 1 designated packet pick up person per household/group is encouraged to reduce crowds

  • Utilize early packet pick up to reduce lines and ensure race day distancing

  • A cloth nose AND mouth face covering must be worn at all times both inside OR outdoors

  • Physically distance yourself in line (6 ft.)

  • Sizes can not be exchanged to reduce multi-touch points

  • If held indoors, Event Crew will monitor the door to regulate crowding control distancing


starting line corral

Physical Distancing, Face Covering, & Wave Launches

Race participants will be assigned a bib number. Follow the event crew's instructions and report to your bib's assigned starting line corral "group" or wave wearing your cloth nose & mouth covering.


  • Once in your corral, follow the physical distance marks to respect other participant's space

  • Waves of a max. 50 participants will be launched by starting gun every minute

  • When a wave in front of you launches, the event crew will instruct you to maintain physical distancing while moving to the previous group's space. Repeat until your wave starts the race!

  • Waves reduce clustering on the race route



Physical Distancing & Face Covering

  • Face coverings may only be removed approx. 30 yds beyond starting line at the trash cans

  • Run/walk without infringing on others’ personal space as much as possible

  • Stay to the right side on race route

  • No more than two abreast

  • Allow participants ample room to pass you at a safe distance on the left side

  • Place discarded waste inside of receptacles to reduce Event Crew touch-points

  • Do not spit or "farmer blow"/rocket clear your nose along the route

  • Face coverings are required once reaching the finish line marker



Bottles With Reduced Touch-Points

Quickly select your item and exit the station to allow other racers to maintain physical distance and avoid backups.

  • Re-mask to protect our crew and move briskly through all aid stations

  • Bottled water provided on the race route at mile 1.5 and the finish line

  • Discarded waste inside of receptacles to reduce Event Crew touch-points

  • Hydration packs are strongly encouraged



Physical Distancing & Face Covering

Immediately upon reaching the finish line mark, cover both your nose and mouth with a mask or 2-layer neck gaitor. Accept a provided mask if you have discarded yours.

  • Spectators should not cluster at the finish line to cheer

  • Receive a bottled water

  • Accept your Finisher medal

  • Avoid hugs, high fives, & handshakes

  • Briskly exit the finish line area

  • Meet your group outside of the event zone and proceed to your vehicle

  • Results will be posted online



Physical Distancing & Limited Locations

We love celebrating your accomplishments with you and understand the importance of uplifting and encouraging one another. Unfortunately, event attendance must be limited to the Event Crew and Run/Walk Race Participants to ensure  event attendance restrictions are upheld.

  • Your family/friends cheer squad must celebrate with you outside of the event zone

  • Starting line or finish line sideline cheering inside of the event zone is not permitted

  • Make plans to meet up with your group after the race away from the event



Physical Distancing, Face Covering, & Limited Attendance

We agree it's not ideal because we love celebrating your accomplishments with you, but awards will be extremely limited as well the pomp and circumstance in which we normally hold our post race ceremony. For now, our celebration is limited to the joy of being able to race together again!

  • Fabulous Finisher medals will be awarded to all who complete the race

  • No Age Division awards will be provided, only bragging rights

  • Overall Open awards: Top 3 Male & Female (based on chip start/finish time)

  • Masters awards (40 & up): Top 3 Male & Female Finishers (based on chip start/finish time)

  • The Event Crew will alert the potential Overall and Masters winners who should remain at the event until the Race Timer has established all winners and prizes can be awarded.



Posted Online Only

To promote physical distancing and deter post-race lingering, paper and race results tickets will not be posted at the event. Instead, both preliminary and official race results will be posted online only at these locations:

  • This website

  • Our social media pages

  • Sent to the email address provided at registration


refueling Station

Reduced Touch-Points & Face Coverings

If provided, quickly select your pre-packaged item and exit the station to allow other racers to maintain physical distance and avoid backups.

  • Wear your cloth face covering to protect our crew and move briskly through the station

  • Pre-packed refreshments may be provided after the finish line

  • Discard waste inside of receptacles to reduce Event Crew touch-points (subject to change)

  • We encourage you to bring your own post-race fuel/snacks for after you exit the event



Physical Distancing & Cleansing

Portlets will be provided at the event staging area.

  • Additional units will be installed to allow reduced wait times and ideal pre-race hygiene

  • Maintain physical distancing of 6ft. per person/household while standing in lines

  • Hand washing stations provided to cleanse after using a reduce high touch point area

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